Book a time for your call

How Book-a-Call Works

1. How it doesn't work

I call you — you're at the supermarket but you attempt to answer the phone (you don't know it's me yet) one-handed while packing fast-moving groceries (imagine it's Aldi). I have no idea of your predicament and introduce myself as the photographer that you've recently contacted.

This is shock for you... of all the people that you might have guessed to be calling you, I'm not one of them. Surprised and literally juggling a phone, six yogurts and a MasterCard you say "I'm in the... um... shopping".
It's a short call. I've caught you at a bad time. No-one's happy.

2. How it does work

Find a time on my calendar above when you know that you'll be free to take a call and book it.

It's all confirmed by email, and you get to be ready, with your partner, a cup of tea, a notebook and that list of “top five questions to ask your wedding photographer” that you got free from the internet.
When I call, you let your Peaky Blinders ring tone go around twice before you answer — because you're as cool as a cucumber.