Standard Image Licensing Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 4th June 2022


Photographer: Brian O'Carroll Photography, including employees, contractees and co-workers
Client: Entity, company or individual paying for the work
Photography: All work done by the Photographer, directly and indirectly, to arrange, take, process and deliver the Photos.
RAW files
: Data resulting from the exposure of a sensor to light. RAW files are not images until Processed.
Processing: The process of creating images from RAW files.
Images: Visuals resulting from Processing work done with the RAW files.
Contact Prints, Preview Images: Images created from RAW files which are partially processed intended to be used to make a selection. These are not licenced for use by the client.
Final Images, Photos, Photographs: The particular images delivered to a client which form part or all of the fulfillment of of an agreement.
License: Permissions given to the Client by the Photographer to use the Final Images. License for Final Images does not include other versions of the Final Images such as Preview Images and RAW files.

Wedding Photography

The following applies to Wedding Photography

Corporate Photography: Staff Headshots and/or Portraits

The following applies to Corporate Photography products: Staff Portraits.

Community Photography

The following applies to Community Photography products: Portraits

Performing Arts: Professional Headshots, Dance Movement

The following applies to PErformaing Arts products: Professional Headshots, Dance Movement