Photography Services

These are some of the photography services I provide which are not weddings!

Dance Movement

For professional dancers and students looking for audition images, or as a way to celebrate their love of this performance art. Dance Movement photography isolates the whole-body expression of a dance movement against a clean, studio background with expert lighting adding depth and shape.
Dance Movement Photography is commonly seen for Ballet, Contemporary and Modern/Jazz styles of dance but there's no need to exclude any of the prolific number of other dance styles that exist today. These sessions can be arranged at a time and place as required.

Two hour session with as many changes of outfit as required. Includes 12 finished, retouched, hi-res digital images. Price allows for a location outside London.

Professional Headshot

The Professional Headshot refers specifically to the photographs used by performers worldwide in their particular job market. They are used in auditions to help identify the candidates to the casting director in a way that matches their performance strengths. Also used in places like show programmes and front of house advertising.
Professional Headshot sessions are similar to a Portraits, but differ in their approach and sensitivity to the requirements of the subject. I draw on 30 years experience working in the performing arts to provide the appropriate support for people who require a professional headshot.
These sessions are arranged flexibly at a mutually arranged time and place.

One and a half hour session including 8 finished, retouched, hi-res digital images.

Staff Portraits

Hating your headshot that you walk past on the way into work every day? That can be demoralising.
Staff Portraits are trending as the more people-focussed alternative. While still carrying the brand they give the staff photographed more pride and a chance to become comfortable with how their photo looks in the entrance foyer.
This is achieved in the photography session itself when I will spend the time necessary to guide them on how to get a great look for themselves - it's not easy being a model.
This scalable product is charged per day (Booking Fee), per person (Sitting Fee) and per image licensed. The Sitting Fee only becomes due when a person attends to be photographed, and the Image fee applies to each finished, processed, retouched photograph that you wish to license for commercial use.

Booking Fee (per day)
Sitting Fee (per person photographed)
Image Fee (per image licensed)


A Portrait can include a lot of things, but here I'm talking about people purposefully being photographed. This includes the ubiquitous school photograph, close family groups at Christmas, engagement photos, BFFs, prom night and graduation.
It covers a multitude of wins - people who need to celebrate and feel good.
Sometimes context is important - to show a person in a surrounding inspiring pride, joy or cause for celebration. A favourite armchair, their blooming garden, their new car (without the 'L' plates) or just wearing their uniform: school, military, healthcare... you decide what's too good to not photograph.
These can be in a studio but often differ by using a chosen setting by arrangement.

One and a half hour session including 8 finished, retouched, hi-res digital images.