September 2022

The first kiss

The First Kiss is probably the most iconic, undisputed winner of the must-have photo in the centre of the wedding album. But why do we photograph the napkin?

The short and easy answer is that somebody folded that napkin.

Somebody arranged the flowers, mixed the cake ingredients, swept and mopped the floor, lit the candles, disc-jockeyed the dancing, served the drinks, picked a dog hair off an outfit just before... heading up for the first kiss.

So many little bits of work make up each person's full-on day and we, the photographers, feel that all of it must be recorded because every bit of it is more ephemeral than a butterfly's wings.

Sometimes that napkin can be folded in a way that really tickles the happy couple, and that's when I know that I didn't waste my time preserving that napkin to inspire a bit of happy giggling for years to come.

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