June 2022

Space to prepare

If great PREP photos are a top priority for you here are some things that might make them even more monumental.

Bear these in mind when choosing where to dress:

1. A big window. Photography is Art with Light, so if there's a big window in the room it will help show you in YOUR best light.

2. A bit of distance. Having a wide-angle lens is different to being able to stand back, so if the big window is in a big room it will add to the variety and possibilities.

3. Can I meet you all beforehand? The day itself is full of business and focus — so it's nice if I can meet the people who will be with you during prep before the day... it helps you all to ignore me on the day — "Oh! It's just him again".

Lovely photos are possible anywhere, so whatever room you go with those special moments will reveal themselves and will reflect the space they're in.

Pick another…

Fill Me In about your wedding plans so far to get the ball rolling — saves your date with me until you've all the information that you need to make a decision.

Smallprint: there's no smallprint, it's all free and easy to do this!