Gnome Page

Garden Gnomes... they're very short and the grass tends to grow under their feet.
If you have a gnome that needs some attention, and you live reasonably near Aston Clinton, then attention can be paid. Just book your completely free Portraits@Gnome Photography Experience below to help fill up this page.


International Garden Gnome day is on 10 July, so pay them some attention in time to celebrate in style.
When you invite Brian O'Carroll Photography to photograph your garden gnome you will receive two digital images - the first is the public one, which will also be posted on this page. The other image is the secret one, visible only to you, me and the gnome. Please keep it wisely!
Book now below to choose a suitable date for your Portrait@Gnome.
The precise locations of the gnomes are never revealed publicly.

Gnome looking a little neglected and overlooked behind overgrown plants.
This usually takes 10 minutes, but when desired it could last an hour or so.

Gnomes revealed

Gnome in slightly overgrown (for a gnome) part of garden


Aston Clinton

Gnome caught in a squatting movement with his trousers down.


Hemel Hempsted


Balmoral, perhaps?


Either Aylesbury or Bourg-en-Bresse

Empty (ready for a gnome picture)


Empty (ready for a gnome picture)


Empty (ready for a gnome picture)